Enjoying the Ride [written update]

January 18, 2021

August 2018, I took the risk to turn down the traditional college route and move from my comfy home in Overland Park Kansas to a small shared room in San Francisco, to pursue my startup and tech dreams. It has been almost 3 years from that leap and I must say, it has absolutely flown by and been packed with more crazy adventures and incredible people than I could have ever expected.

Currently, Jan 2021, I have been hanging out at the PaySplit house outside of Las Vegas. PaySplit is a startup that I advise and help with business development/content creation. Between PaySplit and my main project, Convesio, I stay really busy jumping around a bunch of different tasks everyday. -- Looking back I think 18 year old Connor's mind would be blown if he got a sneak peak at where he would be in 3 years.

And that is really my motivation for starting this stuff, this stuff being content. Because although I am a 21 year old dropout who didn't learn all of his business knowledge from a fancy Uni, I did get an education that I would argue challenges most. From all the online courses taken, the late nights coding, the millions of google searches, all the countries visited, happy hours attended and relationships built... thats what gave me my education. Knowledge gathered from jumping in the deep end and learning how to swim.

I want to start sharing these lessons and stories I have gathered off the beaten path. Not only my stories and lessons but also those from the people and my friends met a long the way. I hope this helps others and inspires them to step off the beaten path and start choosing to build the life they want to live.