Work Experience

Here are some of my projects and professional experiences I've worked on. Check them out and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

SoFi, Credit Card (2021-2024)

I spent 2 years working at SoFi on the credit card team, focusing on the growth portion of credit card. When I was first hired on the team, I was the only person specializing in front-end web development (React, graphql). I was able to come in and make an impact quickly. I was tech lead for a majority of the initial web features and was able to lead a small team of other web engineers. Overtime in my role at SoFi, I was able to help others get up-to-speed on the credit card's front-end web projects and scale that team. I also worked as a full-stack engineer specializing in Java. A bulk of my work at SoFi revolved around creating a better experience for customers applying for credit cards, stopping fraud, and adding new features to help better vet potential SoFi card holders.

Convesio (2019-2021)

I was at Convesio from 2019 to 2021. Convesio focused on building the next generation of Managed WordPress Hosting. Leveraging Docker, Rancher, and other cloud tools, we made a hosting solution that grows with a user's site. With auto scaling features, if the user's site spikes in traffic, the site will scale, which will prevent slowdowns or crashes.

Outside of our proprietary File system and server technology we strive around providing the best service for our customers.

I have grown up around WordPress so it has been so awesome to make a product that is really different than the other hosting offerings in the space. It was also an awesome opportunity to come on as one of the first hires and help scale the company from pre-rev all the way through the series A.

At Convesio, my role was multifaceted. I was hired to do the whole software engineering thing but ended up wearing many hats including helping with marketing and sales, content creation, customer support, and product management. By the end of my time at Convesio I was playing more of the product lead role and helping develop and prioritize new features for our users.

Resident Capture (2016-2020)

During high school I took a big interest in web development and digital marketing. I was able to help out at Resident Capture with WordPress development and management as well as PPC. During my tenure at Resident Capture I quickly became the go-to person for Google and Facebook Ads.

I ran Google Ads Campaigns with million dollar budgets, which was a pretty crazy concept to me as a high schooler but quickly taught me the importance of paid ads and marketing.

Got2Market (2016-2018)

Got2Market was an agency I started and ran throughout my sophomore-senior year of high school. We were a fullstack digital marketing agency specializing in helping small to medium Ecommerce brands. This was an incredible learning experience for me as a high schooler and quickly taught me a lot of lessons about cold outreach, managing client expectations, communications, and so much more. On top of that I got a lot more reps around digital marketing skills such as paid ads, social media management, and web development.

I ended up running the agency for 2 years working with about 4 clients at any given time and averaging a $6000/MRR, which in high school I thought made me rich.

I ultimately ended up shutting down the agency after I graduated high school to go all in on my goal of becoming a software engineer. I look back at that time with so much gratitude towards young Connor for taking the risk as so many of the lessons I learned helped get me where I am today.

SCORE Volunteer (2017-2018)

SCORE is the nation's largest network of volunteer business mentors. At SCORE at acted as a digital marketing mentor to small businesses in the Kansas City area. Typically, SCORE volunteers are retired executives who are experts in running a business. I was able to join SCORE and act as the younger eye to help small businesses learn more about how they can leverage the online world to help scale their business. This was an amazing volunteering opportunity as I got to hang out with a lot of very experienced business minds while also helping local small businesses learn more about the world of digital marketing.